2018 Entertainment Schedule

Main Stage

Dragon Run Winners Presentation9:40 AM
Star Spangled Banner9:50
SPAA Summer Campers10:00
Community Bollywood Dance Project10:40
Swedesboro Music Studio11:00
Infinity Fencing Alliance11:50
– Time Warp – Bringing back the music of the 80’s one cheesy song at a time!12:00pm-1:30pm
PassMore Dance1:00
Swedesboro Performing Arts Academy1:40
Dance Artistry Center1:50
Jean Therapy. The Jean Therapy Band is an eclectic music group playing an interesting fusion of 60’s & 70’s Jazz-Rock-Latin Fusion. Throw in a mix of contemporary “get up and dance” hits and you’ve got a party with universal appeal and an out-of-the-box edge!2:30pm-4:00pm